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Call Us: (856) 888-4288

Coaching Programs

Real Estate Investment Training

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Elite Coaching

This elite level of coaching is perfect for advanced investors or new investor seeking more hands-on, personalized assistance. The materials and tools included cover any real estate investing method you’re interested in: fix & flip, buy & hold, or wholesaling.

Participants in the Elite Coaching enjoy everything in the regular coaching level, PLUS:

  • The exclusive opportunity to partner and profit share with the team on a deal. We will provide our services to REDUCE the RISK involved in doing a successful deal. We reduce as much uncertainty for the member and share in the profits 50/50. Member qualification restrictions apply. Inquire for qualification standards.
    • Wholesale? We will help market and close deal.
    • Rehab? We will assist in managing scope, draws, construction etc.
    • Rentals? We will help the whole process thru tenancy.
  • Exclusive online access to an otherwise restricted approved vendor network, which includes recommended financing companies, contractors, real estate agents, title, suppliers and exclusive discounts through
  • Participation in group calls with no more than three other members for more personalized help and extra time for questions.
  • Up to 5 extra coaching calls monthly available during a deal.
  • Unlimited property evaluations from during a deal and 2 scheduled property visits per quarter during search phase (New Jersey, Delaware, and Southeastern Pennsylvania only).