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Call Us: (856) 888-4288

Meet The The Coaches

Chris mentors and coaches program members on the selection and buying process for rehabs and rental properties. He has purchased and flipped countless properties himself. Chris also provides a deep understanding of the building and renovation industry. He teaches his program members to speak a contractor’s language and helps them achieve success with their renovation projects.

Peter offers a wealth of expertise on the financial aspects of executing a profitable fix & flip or buy & hold. He brings professional experience as a financial hard money lender with an exceptional ability to guide lenders toward achieving profitable investments. Peter has flipped numerous properties himself and brings this expertise to his mentor program members.

Ken teaches program members what it takes to establish a successful stream of income from real estate investments. Ken offers his know-how from a corporate background in sales, operations, and finance, as well as his experience as a co-founder in a financial company that offers loans to real estate investors.

Anthony coaches program members on the differences between a good real estate investment and a bad one, especially from a financial perspective. Anthony has provided hard money and short-term loans for many real estate investment projects. He understands how to forecast profitability, maintain low expenses, and budget for uncertainties. Anthony has also flipped numerous properties himself and enjoys sharing his own experiences with the mentor program members.

Tired Of Just Dreaming About It?

Jump into flipping houses or buying & holding the smart way. Have an experienced coach by your side at every step in the process.