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How To Start Flipping Houses Successfully

The Fix & Flip Mentorship Program

Unlike other real estate investing classes that promise to teach you how to start flipping houses successfully, we mentor and show you exactly how.

Every step of the way. is a new program concept designed to help newcomers like you successfully fix & flip properties.

How It Works:

The mentorship program can be scaled to meet your exact needs and can last anywhere from six to 12 months. Together, we’ll co-design the timeline to fit your unique needs.

Step One:

Understand Your
Fix & Flip Financials

Gain a better understanding of your financial situation as it relates to funding fix & flips. We’ll paint a picture of the purchasing power you have as a real estate investor.

Step Two:

Build Your Team

Understand the external parties you’ll need to have in your pocket when you find the perfect property. You’ll be coached on how to partner with the best attorneys, lenders, contractors, and more.

Step Three:

Evaluate Properties

Evaluate at least 15 properties with a mentor by your side. Sharpen your property evaluation skills and quickly discern a solid investment opportunity versus one you should pass on.

Step Four:

Find The Perfect Property

Make an offer on the right investment property and be poised to handle negotiations with ease. Have an attorney by your side as a strong legal asset. Secure great financing and successfully sign an offer. Prep for the rehab stage of the process.

Step Five:

Begin Rehabbing

Fine-tune the project’s scope of work and craft a well-planned rehab budget draw schedule. Begin construction with strong contractors proven to work efficiently with the quality you desire.

Step Six:

Prep For Sale

Complete the construction work on your timeline and clean the property. Ensure a strong listing agent is on your team and understands your goals.

Step Seven:

Sell Your Property

Close on the right offer for your property to achieve your profitability goals. Celebrate your success and wealth of new knowledge in the fix & flip real estate business.

Cost Of Mentorship

Mentorship starts at $1,000 per month and includes not only education, but also having an expert at your side during the fix & flip of one property. offers a unique model that positions students like you toward having more money in your pocket when your mentorship program concludes than when you started. Students that successfully fix & flip a property with a mentor enjoy a share of the profit of that property’s sale, which often more than covers the mentor fees paid to

Read a case study to understand the results and success from our unique cost model.

Ready To Learn How To Start Flipping Houses?

Jump into the world of fix & flip with the security of having an experienced coach by your side.