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Call Us: (856) 888-4288

1:1 Consultation On

The Steps To Flipping A House

1:1 Consultations Are Perfect For You

Are you stuck in the steps to flipping a house? When you book a call with a coach, you get the answers you need from experienced real estate investors – fast.

Locating A Property

Are you struggling to find a property that suits your needs? Get help with tips on ways to find ideal investments.

Building A Profitable Business

If you’ve done a few real estate investment deals but are struggling to build a successful business, we can help.

Financing A Deal

Can’t seem to get the financing you need to grow your real estate business? Our coaches are financing experts.

Contract Negotiations

Getting stuck trying to negotiate with contractors, agents, sellers or buyers? Our coaches provide negotiation tips.

Working With Contractors

Understand how to speak the language of contractors and avoid pitfalls during the rehab process.

Structuring A Deal

Understand what to rehab in a property and how to present a flipped property in order to get it sold or rented.

Cost Of 1:1 Consultations

Payment is required at the time of booking and starts at $199 per hour.

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