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Call Us: (856) 888-4288

Case Studies

Uncover Success Stories On How To Get Into Flipping Houses

Common Situations We See

Often, potential real estate investors come to us curious about becoming a landlord or flipping houses on the side. They’ve read a book or two and perhaps even purchased a property in the past.

They come to us with lots of questions and – most importantly – with the desire to not pursue real estate investment alone.

  • Fear of making a bad choice and bad investment. Sound familiar? Many investors new to real estate fear making a mistake that’ll cost them money or get roped into owning a property that won’t sell.
  • Want someone there in case you run into trouble. Having a mentor means there is someone to call when you have a question or when things don’t go as planned. Being proactive and arming yourself with someone who’s been there and knows what to do is key.
  • Fill the gaps as you go through the process. You might watch HGTV, read real estate books and listen to podcasts, but how could you possibly absorb everything you need to know about real estate investing? Our mentors are there to share knowledge and guide you when you’re faced with uncertainty or confusion. We’re the training wheels for your bike throughout this entire process.
  • Afraid to take the next step, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. Not only will we answer your questions as you go through your own buying and rehabbing process, your mentor also will prepare you for every step – before it happens – so you’re educated and prepared before each step occurs.

Solutions Designed For You offers multiple different mentoring programs and paths, depending on what your investment goals.

No matter which program you choose, it’ll be customized to your exact needs.

Results And Success

We don’t just train you. We ensure you’re successful in real estate investing. Our unique business model allows you to go through an entire fix & flip or buy & hold with a mentor by your side. At the end, and you share in the profits of your investment., which often more than covers the cost of the mentorship program.

A common example of a student’s financial success:

  • A student invests $1,000 per month for 10 months (or $10,000)

  • A student successfully sells a flipped property in the 10th month for $40,000 profit

  • 50% of the profit (+$20,000), less what they already paid for mentorship (-$10,000) goes to for a total of a $10,000 profit share

  • Because the student successfully earned profit on the property, as well, the program generated $20,000 net profit for the student